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Adelaide is a good character. Her boyfriend's name is Aidan and he is often teased since his name spelt backwards is Nadia. Adelaide is from France and is often called Adelady because of her sophisticated attitude.



Aidan is her boyfriend. She cares deeply about him. She was torn when someone else asked him to Brooke's party and he accepted. He wasn't cheating since they were only going as friends.

Savannah ReedEdit

Savannah and her aren't really enemies but unlike most good characters, Adelaide tries to avoid her, thinking that she would hate her since she knows that Savannah thinks that Brigitte wrote that letter to her about Sage and since Brigitte is french, she thinks Savannah would judge her because she is french, but in reality, Savannah wants to be friends with Adelaide.

Addie TuckerEdit

They are like, besties! They do mostly EVERYTHING together!


"Pour moi? Merci!" Adelaide to Aidan.

" amies?" Adelaide to Aidan when he goes to Brooke's party with someone else.

"Jynx!" Adelaide and Addie.