Alyssa is mean, just mean, she is not nice to anyone but The Barbie Dolls group and Savvy. She likes Savvy, but she also likes Brooke, and she hates Savvy's friends and Samantha. So she gets along with Savvy when they are alone, but when Brooke is there, she is mean to Savannah when she has to be. However, will she have to split? Will shen have to cancel one of her friendships? None of these questions might ever be answered.



Samantha Davis 

Samantha and Alyssa are enemies, they do not get along at all.

Brooklyn Hayes

Brooke and Alyssa get along very well.

Rachel Rivera

Rachel and Alyssa get along somewhat unusualy, they are nice and mean at the same time.

Alicia Hamilton

Alicia and Alyssa think they are sisters. But they are not and they are sad by that.

Savannah Reed

Savannah and Alyssa dont get along ever, they are nice when they are alone eachother, but they are mean to achother when Brooke is around.

Reena Lions

Reena and Alyssa are BFFs. No comments, they just are.


"That's just TOTALLY fantastic. Please don't do that again."


  • Alyssa's middle name is Wendy.

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