Amy Smith
General Information
Full Name Amy Smith
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Family Ames Smith
Friends Anna Parr

Len Pond

Enemies Ames Smith
Romances N/A
Series Information
Good or Bad Neutral
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
"You would say YES if you really loved me!"
— Amy Smith


Amy seems like a sweet cat and likes her friends.


Season 2

Amy and Len developed a stronger relationship much to Anna's dismay. Soon, Anna got a boyfriend and Amy and Len got much closer but they are not currently in a relationship.



Ames Smith

"You annoy me so much..."

Her younger sibling. They are very different and in fact they are opposites. They don't believe in 'opposites attractt.' She is a freshman.


"You cute widdle cricketfly!"

Her pet cricket that is half butterfly. She cares deeply about her but sometimes, she can get really upset with her. She has a secretive attitude.


Anna Parr

"Oh, thanks Anna!"

Anna is Amy's lifetime friend. They met in summer camp when they were 4 years old. Anna can sometimes boss her around but Amy doesn't really mind.

Len Pond

", th-thanks, Len."

Len is Amy's friend. Len has a crush on Amy but she doesn't know. Len asked her to the dance but it came out unexpectedly.


"Hey Amy! Wanna go to the dance wi- AUGH!"

"Hmm?"Amy when Len almost asked her.

"Oh, thanks Anna!"

"You are really cu- I mean..."

"Oh, thanks, Len!"Amy when Len almost called her cute.

"Amy, you're so beautiful...AUGH!"

", *blushes* th-thanks, Len."Amy to Len when he called her beautiful at Brooke's party.