Autumn Hastings
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General Information
Full Name Autumn Hastings
Nickname(s) Au
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status In a Crush
Occupation Student, Model
Family N/A
Friends Tracy Range
Enemies Cecilia Ramirez
Romances Christian Dane (crush)
Series Information
Good or Bad Bad
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
"Hi, Sweethearts"


Autumn "Au" Hastings is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


She's a brown cat with skin color and has blue eyes. Her tail is brown, ears, paws and a little part of her face. She wears a pink bow.


She's very girly and kind, she likes all pink and won't replace it for other color. She's also very brave, smart and she knows karate. If they mess up with her, she just gives her a kick or claws her face so they don't do it again.

Good or BadEdit

She's considered Good and Bad in LPS: Popular world.


Season 5Edit

She's seen fighting Cecilia.


Tracy RangeEdit

Autumn and Tracy are BFF but they sometimes fight for Drake.

Cecilia RamirezEdit

Autumn is pretending to be good with Cecilia but she really hates her.

Christian DaneEdit

Autumn is in love with Drake but he likes Cecilia.

Destiny and Hannah RangeEdit

Destiny likes her while Hannah despite her.


"Cecilia is NOTHING."

"Cecilia is just a simple name and girl, she doesn't have anything special"

"Let's fight Cecilia"

"I'll be right back"