Brooke's Fall
Brooke's fall
Season 2, Episode 29
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Air date  ??
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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Brooke's Fall is the 29th episode of LPS Popular (only fan made).



Transcript made by ChillyCookie5 onlyEdit

Savvy: Hey Sage

Sage: Hey Savvy!

Violèt: Savvy, I follow me, for a minute.

Savvy: Um, ok?

  • Savvy follows Violèt*

Violèt: Okay. We need to talk, its not about you in trouble, its a warning.

Savvy: Um ok?

Violèt: Genny is nowhere to be seen, so if you see her. Then walk away, if she keeps following you. Come to me. I'll give you my phone number.

Savvy: Why?

Violèt: Because Genny has turned insane, she is now a phcyso bully.

Savvy: What?!

Violèt: Yes. So watch out for any Cocker Spaniel.


Hillary: I'm worried about Naomi, she hasn't waken up for a long time.

Mrs. Augustine: I´m sure she´s fine.

Sarah: *Crying* Im hope she´s alive!


Rachel: So, Brooke. Just asking but what is your plan to ruin Savvy?

Brooke: I have ran out of ideas.

Alyssa: Oh! We can dump tomato sauce all over them!

Alicia: You did that last time.

Alyssa: Darn!

Brooke: Im just going to avoid her, I'm now kinda worried since I have nothing, she will do stuff to me.

Alyssa: Wow, your so dumb! Ha!

  • Alyssa runs away*

Alicia: Woah wait for me!

  • Alicia follows Alyssa*

Brooke: *Sigh* I think I'm dommed.

Naomi: Uh oh, here comes trouble.

Brooke: Let's go.

Rachel: Um Brooke? Are you okay?

Brooke: Im fine, now follow me...

Rachel: Ok?

  • Savvy turns around and Genny is right in front of her*

Savvy: Ah!!

  • Genny takes Savvy to the basement*


Genny: NO!

  • Genny trips and the both fall over*

Savvy: You could of watched out you know.

Genny: Shut up.

Savvy: What do you wa-

Genny: Shut up!

Savvy: Don't be so rude!

Genny: I don't care.

  • Genny ties up Savvy*

Savvy: AHH!

  • Angelina comes*

Angelina: What!

  • Genny growls at Angelina*

Angelina: Ahh!

  • Angelina runs away*

Angelina: SORRY SAVVY!

Savvy: IT'S OKAY!

Genny: Now-

  • Brooke tackles Genny*

Savvy: Huh?

Brooke: Stop it you phsyco bully!

Genny: *Bad voice* Noo! Stop!

Brooke: Go Savvy!

  • Brooke claws the ropes and they undo*

Savvy: Thanks Brooke. You never helped me before.

  • Brooke points to the exit*
  • Savvy runs*

Brooke: This is your punishment!

  • Brooke runs and locks the basement door*

Genny: Rats.

Alyssa: Come here

Genny: ??


Savvy: Guess who got me out of there!

Lina and Sam: Who?

Lina: Is it Sage?

Samantha: Violèt?

Savvy: Brooke.

Samantha: What?!

Lina: No kidding!

Savvy: Yeah *Blushes*, I dont know why though.

Brooke: Hey Sav!

Savvy: Hey Brooke!

Lina: Are you guys like, friends now?

Brooke: I want to at least. Now I realised that being mean isn´t good.

Brooke: So, want to be friends Savvy?

  • Brooke puts paw out for a pawshake*
  • Savvy puts paw and they do a pawshake*

Sage: Hey Savvy. Wait? Are you two going to fight?

Brooke: Well..... No.

Sage: Why?

Brooke: Were, friends now.

Sage: Oh! That's nice to hear!

Brooke: Yeah, I learned my lesson.

  • Genny looks over at them secretly*

Genny: Well they haven't noticed its not over yet.