Bryan Smith
General Information
Full Name Bryan Smith
Nickname(s) Bry
Gender Male
Age 17
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Scarf Model
Family N/A
Friends Dustin Dawson

Choco Brown

Enemies Sage Bond
Chrissy Docheerty
Aubrey Gold
Ginue Asnad
Romances Ginue Asnad (Fling/ExGirlfriend)
Lina Grey (Ex Girlfriend)
Series Information
Good or Bad N/A
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
 Bryan is a character in LPS Popular.


Bryan is a great dane. He has grey fur all over his body. Except his paws. Which are white. He has blue eyes.


Bryan comes off as sweet and caring but can also be absent minded and often doesn't think about his actions or what he is about to say.

'Good' Or 'BadEdit

Bryan is known to be both. He is good because of his loving attitude and great sense of humor. He is known to be bad because of all the 'girlfriends' he has had. And only dated them for one time. (Except Luna of course)


"All Great Danes are horrible at keeping relationships!!" - Chrissy Docheerty to Bryan.

"You left that poor girl standing in the middle of the dance floor!" - Sage Bond shouting at Bryan

"How could you even think to manage" Chrissy after witnessing Bryan dump Lina Grey

"So. Why did you?" - Aubrey Gold

"Why did I what?" - Bryan Smith

"Leave her. You only dated for an hour!"

"I didn't want to. Shes crazy!!"

"No she is not!!" UGH! I HATE YOU!"

- Aubrey and Bryan talking about Ginue Asnad