Chrissy Docheerty
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"I'll give you some chocolate if you clean my room!" - Chrissy to her sisters.

Chrissy is the sister of Hazel DocheertyMolly Docheerty and Tulip Docheerty. She is the daughter of Mr. Docheerty. She is 17 years old and Is a proffesional dancer.


She is a purple horse with white hair and a dark purple muzzel. She has purple spots above her nose and blue eyes.


Chrissy can be strict. She bosses around her sisters. With a pay of chocolate. She is best friends with Savannah Reed.

'Good' Or 'Bad'Edit

She is considered Good in the LPS Popular world.


Savannah ReedEdit

Savvy and Chrissy are good friends.

Dustin DawsonEdit

Dustin and Chrissy are dating. They are inlove very much