Ciara Bailey
2096 -1-
General Information
Full Name Ciara Bailey
Nickname(s) Cia
Gender Female
Age 18
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Family Madison Bailey
Mr. Bailey
Mrs. Bailey
Friends Caroline Rayli

Pink May

Enemies N/A
Romances N/A
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance Happy B-Day Maddie!
Last Appearance N/A
Ciara Bailey is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


She's a beautiful bassett hound with blue eyes and some brown and white parts.


She's very nice, kind and loyal to her family. She cares about her sister Maddie and one of the perfect drama students at OCD. Her mother Mrs. Bailey teaches her on Thursdays, Ciara's favorite day. Her name came from the first letter of her horoscope sign, Cancer.



She cares about her family, especially Maddie due she's one year younger than Ciara.

Caroline and PinkEdit

They're BFFE. They know each other since 1st grade.

Appoline, Lindsay & HeatherEdit

They're enemies.


"I hate math, I prefer acting"

"HappyB-Day, Sis"

"Carol, Pink...I'M IN"