Cocker Spaniels, why them!
Season 2, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date August 24, 2013
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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The Claws Come Out Tears of A Dachshund

Cocker Spaniels, why them! is the 24th episode of LPS Popular(only fan made).


In the depths of Brooke's injury, why would Savvy do such a thing? But besides, someone is going to figure out anyways, and that happe- Wait, no,no,no No- SHUT UP

--Summary Terminated, Technical Difficulties--


Savvy: Oh my god, Brooke...i'm sorry. Mimi, lets go.

Mimi: Gigi!

Savvy: Oh, nevermind, you can go.

  • Gigi walks away

Savvy: I better go Brooke, sorry.

  • Savvy goes home
  • A orange-ish tan cocker spaniels legs are shown

Unknown: Hello? Is anyone there?

  • You see the unknown person's face.

Unknown Fully

Unknown: Brooke?

Unknown: Brooke! Are you there?

Brooke: *moaining* Mrph...ger...

Unknown: Oh dog! Let me take you to the hospital!


Unknown: Brooke, are you there?

Brooke: Wha-? Wait...where am I?

Unknown: At the hospital, you were uncounsious and bleeding in front of a locker.

Brooke: Oh, I remember.

Unknown: Okay, my name is Naomi Colene Augustine. I know you Brooke because im Malcolm´s friend.

Brooke: Huh? Is he your ex?

Naomi: No.... Im just his friend.

Brooke: I could see that.

Doctor: Okay, Brooke's head wound is going to heal soon. You can go now.

Brooke: Okay!

Naomi: Lets go.


Savvy: I feel so bad now.

Lina: Why?

Savvy: Its none of your buisness.

Genny: Okay I guess.....


Naomi: So Brooke, I heard that there are 2 new students at OCD.

Brooke: Really? Who are they?

Naomi: Josh and Lana Lawrence.

Brooke: Okay.

Naomi: How are you going in OCD?

Brooke: Well for me its horrible! That dumb dog!

Naomi: Sav-

Brooke: That Sausage Hound named Savannah Reed!

Naomi: Oh, I heard that Sage got her a modeling job..

Brooke: WHAT!?

Naomi: Yep.

Brooke: And by the way, how do you know Sage Bond?

Naomi: Um, not really...

  • Laughter

Brooke: Heh heh, anyways. Do you know anyone that is coming to OCD to?

Noami: Yeah, someone named Al-

Brooke: Anyone else?

Naomi: I don't really know.

Brooke: Hmm. Can you help me with something?

Naomi: Um. Okay? What is it?

Brooke: Okay. So here it is.

  • Whispering*

Naomi: Got it!

Brooke: Okay. Do you wan't to sleepover?

Naomi: Sure!

Brooke: Kay'. I have a sleeping bag in my closet.

Naomi: Okay!


Naomi: *Yawn* Today my first day of school.

Brooke: *Yawn* Wow..

Naomi: I think we need to hurry for school. Its almost time to go.

Brooke: Oh god! If I´m late, I´ll get a detention!

Naomi: Yep. That happens to me a lot.

3 Minutes Later.....

Noami: Okay, we're ready Mrs. Hayes

Mrs. Hayes: Okay girls. Have a good day at school!

Brooke: Okay mom!


Savvy: Brooke hasn't came here for a day. I wonder what happened.

Genny: Mabye she is dead. I WANT HER TO!

Lina: Oookay?

Random Person: Look! It's Brooke!

  • Brooke walks in
  • Everyone Looks

Savvy: Is that who I think it is?

Lina: And why is she just standing there like she is waiting.

Genny: I don't know.

  • Naomi Comes

Savvy: Huh?

Naomi: Uh, Brooke? Would you mind helping me with my papers for hom-

Brooke: Sure.

Savvy: Who´s she?

Genny: She looks Pretty.

Lina: Shut up Genny...

Genny: Whatever..

  • Savvy goes up to Noami

Naomi: Huh?

Savvy: Hi new girl!

Naomi: Uh....... Im no-

Brooke: *Whispering* That´s Savannah!

Naomi: Okay.... But seriously, im no-

Savvy: So do you need help with your papers!

Naomi: No thanks... Brooke is already helping me.. and I AM NO-

Savvy: No no no! Please let me!

Naomi: No thanks buster. You can't get what you want. AND IM NO-

Savvy: *Sad puppy eyes* Pweaase?

Naomi: *Looking away* No Savvy. No means NO! And IM NOT-

Savvy: Whatever, I thought you were a loser anyway.

  • Naomi kicks Savvy

Savvy: Ow!

Naomi: Shut up buster. An-

Brooke: So Naomi!

Naomi: Grumble.

  • Brooke talking further away

Savvy: Ow. I think she sprained my ankle.

Genny: That's strong for a girl.

Lina: Shut up....

Genny: Fine!

Savvy: *Gets up* Whew! I want to get her away from Brooke. She could be a threat to us.

Lina: True.

Naomi: Whew, that little dog was annoying. An-

Brooke: Yep, she is my arch enemy.

Savvy: You know what I think?

Naomi: *Looks to Savvy* What...

Savvy: THIS!

  • Savvy grabs Naomi*

Naomi: Let me go!

Savvy: Of course not, why would I do that?

Naomi: Well your gonna feel some pain soon.

Savvy: Huh?

  • Naomi starts to attack Savvy

Savvy: *Screams* STOP PLEASE STOP!

Naomi: NO!

Brooke: See how you feel now sausage.

Savvy: *Scared dog barking* OW! YOUR HURTING ME!

  • Savvy pushes Naomi into some people

Random Person: Ow...

  • Naomi gets up


Brooke: Now look what you have done Savvy, you hurt Naomi and some other students!

  • Naomi runs after Savvy
  • Screen fades to black with screams