Dayyn Anchor
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"So Sage. You wanting a Tattoo?" 

- Dayyn asking Sage if he wants a tattoo done.

Dayyn (Pronounced Day-Nen) Is a LPS Popular character.


Dayyn is a Brown Great Dane with white paws. He has tattoos all over his body.

Good Or BadEdit

Dayyn Is Good. But rebelious. 


Dayyn is rebelious. He steals things and has tattoos. But He is good at heart.


Season ThreeEdit

He is first seen when Sage walks past a tattoo parlor. He is standing outside. He walks upto his and asks if Sage wants a tattoo. 

The next scene he is seen in. He is talking to Dustin. When Tom walks over. He leaves.


  • Dayyn has mentioned in one episode 'Once you hit your twenties you really do not care'
    • Meaning he is 20 years old. Or older.
  • He does not goto OCD but he has a poster in the tattoo parlor that says 'Hate Mr. Augustine, Or die'

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