Destiny is very smart, and loves to read. She has a serious bad temper though, and gets angry with her family easily.




Hannah Range - Destiny is Hannah's older sister by a few months, but is still treated as a younger sister. Destiny doesn't like Hannah, but she is the only one in her family that she gets along with most of the time.

Tracy Range -

Canon CharactersEdit

Genevieve Ryan -

Angelina Davis - Destiny is one of Angelina's best friends, and hangs out with her in the library if she isn't with Riley.

Alicia Hamilton - Destiny used to go to Alicia if she felt sad, and needed comfort. She doesn't do that much anymore, but they are still good friends.

Fandom CharactersEdit

Riley Mist - Destiny met Riley when the Mist family moved to Orange County. Riley had a crush on Destiny, and then they eventually went in an relationship.

Reena Lions - Destiny hates how Reena is so nasty and cruel to others, but her boyfriend doesn't even know it. Destiny thinks Reena should get taught a lesson.


  • In her mind, Destiny hates her sister, but just has to be nice to her. Otherwise Hannah would most likely spread rumors.
  • Destiny's last name is pronounced "ran-gay", not the word "range".