Dustin Dawson
General Information
Full Name Dustin "Dusty" Dawson
Nickname(s) Dusty (By Bryan Smith, Tom Dawson and Chrissy Docheerty)
Gender Male
Age 16
Relationship Status In A Relationship.
Occupation Student

Paper Dog

Family N/A
Friends Bryan Smith
Tom Dawson
Chrissy Docheerty
Enemies N/A
Romances Chrissy Docheerty
Series Information
Good or Bad Both
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A

"Dude! Where were you? So much stuff went down since you where in France! Brooke kissed me! Then she almost got killed! WHERE WERE YOU!" - Dustin to Tom

Dustin Dawson is Tom Dawson's brother. He is dating Chrissy Docheerty.


Dustin is a Grey Great Dane with white paws and Blue eyes.


Dustin is sweet. He is inloved with Chrissy Docheerty .

Good or BadEdit

Dustin is Both in the LPS World. He dated Brooklyn. He dated Chrissy. Who are both bad. But he is friends with Savannah Reed and her friends too.

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