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General Information
Full Name Elly Cream
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 17
Relationship Status N/A
Occupation Student
Family Mrs. Cream (mother)
Dibb Cream (sister)
Friends Alicia Hamilton
Angelina Davis
Genevieve Ryan (possibly)
Enemies Savannah Reed
Genevieve Ryan (possibly)
Romances N/A
Series Information
Good or Bad Neutral
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A

Elly Cream is a senior in highschool. She is agoraphobic and claustrophobic. She likes just right! She is considered neutral in the Littlest Pet Shop: Popular world.


Elly is a pink cow. Her hooves, tail tuft, mane tuft and circle around her eye is a darker pink while her snout is lighter and her inner ears is sparkly. She has a dark pink spot on her back.


Elly is a girly girl. She loves ice-cream but never gains weight. She loves her sister and mother. She doesn't treat Savannah well though, she treats Genny and Angelina nicely though. She adores Alicia as well.


Dibb CreamEdit

She loves her younger sister very much but can get annoyed by her.

Mrs. CreamEdit

She loves her mother but finds that she can be a bit bossy.

Savannah ReedEdit

Hates her. Ever since she hurt Angelina's feelings, she's treated her badly.

Genivieve RyansEdit

She doesn't really care for her but treats her with respect.

Angelina DavisEdit

She is friends with her. She gets angry whenever Savannah or Genny leaves her out.

Alicia HamiltonEdit

She is her idol, she treats her with respect as well.


"The ice-cream store is so BORING, mom. Just give me the ice-cream and I'll be on my way." Elly to her mom.

"Dibb, did you just mess up my ROOM?! You made a WRINKLE!" Elly to Dibb.