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Erin Petosky
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Erin Petosky is Lilac Petosky's older sibling. She's in highschool.


She is a goth cat and is emo but she doesn't want to die.


Mylah ProstEdit

Best friends. She and Mylah always talk in class and ignore the junior version of the Barbie Dolls, the Pretty Paws.

Evie NeilEdit

Enemies. Evie is the leader of the Pretty Paws. Even though she is younger than Erin, they still put up fights.

Lilac PetoskyEdit

Her sister who she doesn't really mind. They don't really bond or fight.


"Look, Evie, your clique might be called Pretty Paws but let's face it, your paws aren't even pretty. So, I'm just going to chip your pretty- oh, I'm sorry, NOT pretty nails RIGHT NOW." Erin to Evie. 

"Yeah, yeah... buy 32 loaves of pumpernic- wait WHAT?!" Erin to Lilac.