Like, Brooke, you are such a loser. You put on WAY too much mascara and you dress like a diva.
— Evie to Brooke
Evie Neil
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Evie Neil is the leader of the Pretty Paws, the sophomore version of the Barbie Dolls.


Evie is a blonde cat with blue eyes.


She's a rude cat and isn't afraid to 'unfriend' you on Fishbook.


Season OneEdit

She is the antagonist in The Felines.

Season TwoEdit

She is in The Prom.


Diana O'ConnerEdit

Best friends. Diana is the beta in the Pretty Paws and they treat eachother better than anyone else.

Emily CoshnicEdit

She is the gamma and Diana refers to her as the omega of the Pretty Paws, which she hates. Evie doesn't really mind her but treats her like dirt.

Erin PetoskyEdit

Arch- Enemies. They HATE eachother.


"Like, that's IT. Diana, I'm like, unfriending you on fishbook." Evie to Diana when they have a fight.

"Don't make me unfriend you!" Evie to Emily.