French or English?
Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date  ??
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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So much Trouble Brooke's Fall

French or English? is the 28th episode of LPS Popular (only fan made).


Genny and Savvy priviously had a fight and Savvy wants to forgive her but Genny wants to break the friendship, what if her friends find out? Will they ruin the friendship with her? Or will they do nothing? Meanwhile, a new girl has come to the school. And she's French! Score 10 points for Brigitte.


Transcript made by ChillyCookie5 onlyEdit


Savvy: Whew, remember the day when I got in trouble and got sent the principal's office?

Angelina: Yeah, but I don't blame you. Either Brooke.

Genny: Hmmph! I don't want to sit at this table. Savvy, I´m sitting with my new friends. Hmmph!

Angelina: Gen-

Genny: Come on Angelina, let's leave this looser here, I want to be in my own popularity with you.

Samantha: Don't Angelina!

Genny: Come Angelina

Savvy: No Angelina!

Angelina: I choose...

Genny: Me! She cho-

Angelina: Savvy and Samantha

Genny: Fine! We're not friends anymore!

Nathan: Genny, we need to talk.

Genny: Okay Babe

  • Genny tries to kiss Nathan but he backs away.*

Genny: Wha?

Nathan: Come with me.

Genny: Fine!

  • Genny and Nathan walk away*

Angelina: Savvy, I think we lost a friend.

Savvy: I know.

Angelina: You're not even sad?!

Savvy: I am sad, but im trying to not show emotion.

Angelina: Ok

Savvy: But, I still have Samantha and you.

Angelina: Right! 

  • Savvy smiles* 


Genny: Okay, what is it.

Nathan: Look, I'm done with you.

Genny: WHAT?!?

  • Intro*

Nathan: Yes, your being mean to people and it is getting worse.

Genny: But Ba-

Nathan: It's over ok!

Genny: *Snifs* O..o..ok.


Angelina: So, wait. Oh my god. Look!

Savvy: Huh?

Samantha: What. *Gasp*

  • Everyone gasps*

Unknown Girl: Salut tout le monde!

Brigitte: She said "Hi everybody" Sage.

Sage: Oh! She's hot for a french girl! Well so are you.

Brigitte: Merci!

Unknown: Bonjour, im Violèt. Quel est votre nom?

Brigitte: Oh um, mon nom est Brigitte, c'est une école anglaise.

Violèt: Oh! École anglaise? Oh ok!
Violèt Vàlibar


Violèt: Oh sorry Brigitte, didn't notice people speak English here.

Brigitte: It's okay.

Violèt: Merci! So, how are you doing um, Brigitte?

Brigitte: Good! Want to do french talk?

Violèt: Sure! Je tierd de parler anglais, parle si mal français!

Brigitte: Ok!

Genny: Who are you?!

Violèt: Oh, i'm Violèt. Can you speak french?

Genny: No.

Violèt: Ok!

Alyssa: Hmm, Brooke.

Brooke: Hmm?

Alyssa: Maybe Violèt can be a Barbie Doll do overthrow Savvy!

Brooke: Maybe, but she has a good connection to Savvy.

Alyssa: Well we can tell rumors about her like last time!

Brooke: Maybe. Just, Maybe.