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Jack Larrins
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"The thingy! Oh my dog! The thingy over there! How can you NOT see it?" 

-Jack to Len when he helps him with mechanics.

Jack Larrins is a nice caring boy and is Anna's current boyfriend.

His nickname from Len is Jet because he is into mechanics and is 


fast. He is very into sports, but is still considered more of a tech guy.


He is considered a 'cute boy' from Amy when Anna tells her that she got a boyfriend. He is

a grey furred greyhound with cloudy blue eyes.


Anna Parr

 "My GF" is what he calls her. They are really close and met at Brooke Hayes' ' party of the century'. (Otherwise known as 'dance'.)

Amy Smith

Friend, teammate in soccer.

Len Pond

Good friend and teammate in swimming.


"Heh, heh. D'you wanna dance?" Jack to Anna.

"I'm grey and I'm also a greyhound." Jack to Len.