James is nice, but also transparent. He is very open of his feelings, and it's very easy to know what he likes, dislikes, or what he is feeling at the moment.

He is flirty, and has some terrible pick-up lines. He has had crushes, and flirted with tons of girls. He has had a ton of girlfriends, all of them mostly ended up with him cheating on them, and ending it quickly.

He is a good blackmailer though. Most of the girls he has been with have never told anyone about his cheating nature.


Canon CharactersEdit

Sage Bond - They are pretty good friends. They used to fight over some girls until Sage found Brooke, then they stopped. They have known eachother since grade 8.

Fanon CharactersEdit

Naomi Augustine - James has a huge crush on Naomi. Being the lovebug he is, he tries to get Naomi's attention a lot. Naomi of course knows about this, and thinks he is a bit annoying with that. They first met when Naomi moved to Orange County, and James liked her since.

Samantha Davis - They were in a relationship, but James broke up with her because of "family problems", and he didn't want another person to worry about. Samantha got mad and started hating James. James kinda wants Samantha back, but is focusing on Naomi.


"Dude, have you heard of Naomi? She's a total hottie. Don't ya agree?"


  • James was originally going to have the appearance of Lana Lawerence, but when she was revealed he was changed to his appearance today.
  • James has had at least 20 girlfriends in his life. around 10 were in OCD.