Kittens and Dogs
Kittens and Dogs
Season 2, Episode 12
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Air date  ??
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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Kittens and Dogs is the 30th episode of LPS Popular(only fan made).


After Brooke becomes friends with Savvy, Genny starts to feel like she is now threatened, so she starts to sneak around school and look at what her enemies and ex-friends too see if she can win the school. But Samantha starts to, dislike Savvy. So something bad will happen. New students come, but who will they be?


Transcript made by ChillyCookie5 onlyEdit

Savvy: So Brooke, are you exited about the new students?

Brooke: I actually am.

Angelina: I still feel bad that we lost Genny...

Savvy: She could of killed me though! Who knows what could of happened?

  • Two cats appear*
  • Everyone stares at the two cats*

Unknown Cat: Hello everyone

Unknown Cat 2: Hi everybody

Savvy: Who are they?

Brooke: I don"t know.

Savvy: Maybe we can talk to them.

Reena: I guess?

  • Reena to herself: Why is Brooke friends with Savvy! Savvy is an idiot!
  • Opening*

Brooke: So Reena

Reena: Oh um yeah?

Brooke: Can you fetch me a unsweetend latte.

Reena: Right on it!

  • Reena runs to cafeteria*

Brooke: Okay, let's go talk to them.

Savvy: Ok!

Brooke: Sage is talking to them.

Savvy: Let's go look.

Sage: Uh...Hi

Unknown Girl: Your hot.

Unknown Girl 2: Yeah are you single?

Sage: Um no.. I have a girlfriend.

Unknown Girl: Oh, I understand.

Unknown Girl 2: Me too.

Unknown Girl: Hmm, that dog over there. That Dachshund over there with orange red on her face.

Unknown Girl 2: Ya?

Unknown Girl: Lets dump brown staning paint on her and the cat with the white muzzle beside her to.

Unknown Girl 2: Um, I dont know about this. And not brown paint on the cat.

Unknown Girl: Fine....

Unknown Girl 2: So....*Stats to giggle*

Unknown Girl: Hey! Anyway follow me Annah.

Wendy: Okay Brunnete.


Brunnete: Okay, I heard there is brown paint here. Oh! There it is!

Wendy: Oookay....

Brunnete: Okay I got a stain mix.

Wendy: I still don´t think it is right.

Brunnete: Shut up. Now where is the fur removal.

Wendy: You don't plan on doing that on her?

Brunnete: No, im doing it on the muzzle on the cat..

Wendy: What!? You plan to hurt them! What!

Brunnete: Well obviously, we have to be popular. They are popular so we gotta overthrow them.

Wendy: But..

Brunnete: Don't say a word about it or I will put some on you!

Wendy: Fine..

  • Brunnete talking to herself: She had her chance..*