This is an article about Len Pond, a character made by ChillyCookie5.
Len Pond
General Information
Full Name Len Pond
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Male
Age 15
Relationship Status Crush
Occupation Student
The Pouch volunteer
Family Mrs. Pond
Mr. Pond
Friends Jack Larrins
Amy Smith
Anna Parr
Perry Sunray (Sometimes)
Kat Meyers (Sometimes)
Enemies Rachel Rivera
Perry Sunray (Sometimes)
Kat Meyers (Sometimes)
Romances Alicia Hamilton (Former Crush)
Amy Smith (Crush)
Perry Sunray (Got kissed and asked out by)
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
"Hey, doesn't ANYONE know what choose your own path is?"
— Len Pond


He is a sweet caring funny collie. If he had a girlfriend, he would spend like, half the day with her. Jack always says that if Amy can't realize that, she's not worth his time but he still loves her. Most of his friends don't get his jokes. But the ones that do, think that they are really funny. He also has a high IQ, as he is 15 but is a junior.



Mr. Pond

Mr. Pond is Len's dad. He barely sees him and he doesn't get along well with him. Even though, he doesn't want him to be possibly dead. His father still loves him and keeps a scrapbook full of pictures of him as a baby when he barely traveled.Pund

Mrs. Pond

Len gets along well with his mother. He has to cope with the fact that his father is possibly dead since he goes on trips and Len has only seen him 4 times. 


His female pet cricket that loves to play soccer with him.

Aidan Pond

Aidan is Len's cousin. That is why his father looks like Aidan. They barely know eachother but they try to keep in touch.


Amy Smith

His main love intrest. He asked her to the dance but it came out wrong.

Anna Parr

Acquaintance. That's it.


Perry Sunray

Len's sort-of-friend. They tease eachother. Perry has a crush on him though, but he just thinks she's being silly. But in season 3, they went to prom together and kissed, causing Len to feel bad since he still loves Amy.


"Hey Amy! Wanna go to the dance wi- AUGH!"

"You are really cu- I mean..."

"Naw, man."

"Y-You like me in that way?"

"Okay, so all ya gotta do is go like this. *Uses paws* Amy paw: Oh hi, Anna! I'm so sorry that we broke up! Anna paw: Oh, me too Amy! Let's be best friends forever and now, I'm going to hook you up with Len!"'

"No way man! It's a girl!"

"Y U NO!?"


"Amy, your so beautiful...*realizes what he just said* AUGH!"