Lionna is a creamy red dog with reddish orange ears and front paws. The inside of her ears and nose are a pinkish orange colour, and has reddish pink flowers with the disk of the flowers being white. Her eyes are a sort of neon blue.


Lionna is normally kind and sweet, and is friendly. She is a neat-freak, and hates dirt and all germs. She is a very athletic person, and usually takes part in more "cleaner" sports, and will only play in clean enviroments. She is called attractive since she is very fashionable get the point.

However, she is very careless about most things. She often doesn't close doors, cooks things for too long, and sometimes doesn't do her homework on time. She is a coward, and tries to get out of every situation by running away from it.

Although being smart with cleaning, she is very naive, and is mislead easily. She is also very greedy, taking most of the thigns for herself. She has a collection of washcloths that nobody can access.


Fanon Characters

James Codney - Lionna thought James thought something in her when they first got together in middle school. They had only been together for a year, and James had cheated on Lionna with a certain other girl. She hated him after that, but was blackmailed into not telling anyone that he did that.