London and Paris Walker
General Information
Full Name London Walker

Paris Walker

Nickname(s) Londy (London)
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Students
Family Mrs. Prost

Mylah Prost

Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Romances N/A
Series Information
Good or Bad N/A
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
London and Paris Walker are fandom characters in LPS: Popular.

They don't really respect anyone except Hannah and Destiny. Their parents are dead but they make sure no one knows that they live with their cousin, Mylah Prost, and their aunt, Mrs. Prost.

Good or BadEdit

They are bad in LPS: Popular.

London's PersonalityEdit

Since London is the oldest, she tends to be pushy and bossy. She is a sweet girl to her clique, the Twin Dolls, a copy of the Barbie dolls. The only known members are all twins. She can be a real mean girl to the outcasts. She is a senior.

Paris's PersonalityEdit

She is a sweet girl, even to some of the students outside of her clique, but don't mess with her, she will make sure you regret doing that! She is a senior. She is also convincing Hannah and Destiny to join their Twin Clique.


Sage BondEdit

London and Paris both hate Sage because he is with Savannah.

Brooke HayesEdit

London admires her while Paris dispise's her. She thinks that she is a meanie.

Mylah ProstEdit

They both despise her since she is emo and not a girly girl like them.

Mrs. ProstEdit

They have mixed feelings about her.


"Guh-roh-uss!" London to Len.

"She's the only one who can turn gross into a 3 syllable word."

"Like, how old are you? Like, thuh-ree?!" London to Savannah.

"Eww! Get the goth grossness off me!" Paris to Mylah.

"Wait a minute, before we pour this permanent hair remover thingy on Savannah, can I have bathroom break?" Paris to London.


  • The two names (London and Paris) come from european cities like London from England and Paris from France.