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Madison Bailey is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


Maddie is a blonde collie with blue eyes a pink nose and a white part around her nose she also has brown ears and stomach.


Maddie is sweet and nice, she was born in a family in New York. Her sister Ciara is a good caring of her, Maddie loves her sister and doesn't like rude girls.


Mr. BaileyEdit

Maddie and Mr. Bailey treat good each other. He works in a pet store.

Mrs. BaileyEdit

Maddie and Mrs. Bailey care about each other, she's Maddie's mother and a professional teacher.

Ciara BaileyEdit

Maddie and Ci are good sisters.

Mike JonesEdit

Maddie has a crush on this hot guy. He also likes her.

Katherine BravoEdit

Katie and Maddie were friends since they were babies.


Nia is Maddie's baby poodle pet. Mr. Bailey gave it to her from the pet store when Maddie had her Sweet 16.

Hillary AugustineEdit


Chloe DendersEdit

Her other best friend. Hhey hang out at the mall very, very often!

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