Minisode 3
Season Minisode, Episode 3
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Air date  ??
Written by Cuitmelps4
Directed by Cuitmelps4
Featured characters: Unknown
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Brooke Minisode 4
 Minisode 3 is a unknown episode number of LPS Popular(only fan made).


Brooke runs into Sage and Sage just ignores her. Brooke gets all worked up and plans a new plan.



Brooke: *Applies makeup while walking*

Sage: *Walking on Brooke's path*

Sage and Brooke bump into eachother.

Sage: Oh I'm sorry, it wa- *sees it's Brooke* *walks away*

Brooke: Sage? That sausage is STEALING him away from ME!

Len walks past her.

Brooke: Hey, Le-en...

Len: What is it?

Brooke: Well, I was wondering if you could go to the art room and get some black paint.

Len: Sure, whatever.

Len goes and gets Amy and they both go to the Art Room.


Amy: What are we here for?

Len: Um, black paint.

Amy: Oh um, it's right there. *Points*

Len and Amy: I'll get it!

Both bump into eachother and black paint spills on them.

Amy: *speechless*

Len: Um... S-sorry, Amy. I'll get us cleaned up.

Amy: Y-yeah...that paint was cold.


Brooke: What is taking those losers so long?!

Alicia: Hey, Brooke! I got that fur removal thingy and Naomi got that stain mixer!

Naomi: Yeah.

Brooke: Great!

Savannah: What are they talking about?

Sage: I don't know but it doesn't look good.

Savannah: I know it's not good to eavesdrop...

Sage: Savvy, just look away.


Len: Um, I guess we're all cleaned up.

Amy: Well, we can't disappoint Brooke, who knows what'll happen?

Len: Uh...maybe we could use this dark blue paint.

Amy: Nah, it's too blueish.

Len: Oh! How about that brown paint.

Amy: It looks like poop.

Len: Who even CARES!

Amy: She could be using them to outline something.

Len: True, but it's all we got.

Amy: Let's go then.


Brooke: There they are!

Alicia: They're carrying brown paint.

Naomi: Yeah, and it looks like poodle poop.

Brooke: Even better.

Amy: Here Brooke.

Brooke: Like, whatever.

Brooke dumps the brown paint into the stain mix and pours the fur removal into it.

Amy: Well, bye...

Alicia: Byeeee!

Savannah: I can't help but think that Brooke is up to something NASTY!

Sage: Oh, I have to go, Sav.

Savannah: Euh, yeah. See ya.

Brooke: Perfect!


Anna: This place is CROWDED!

Len: Yeah. Even the Felines are here,

Savannah: Mmm, everything tastes better with sprinkles!

Sage: That's why I bought extra.

Brooke enters with bucket of brown stuff.

Brooke: Perfect! Now I can easily pour all this nasty stuff on Savannah.

Naomi: Careful! Don't get any on Sage!

Brooke sneakily goes behind Savannah.

Bucket: SPLASH!

Savannah: Ugh! 

Her fur instantly falls off and her peach skin is stained brown.

Sage: Savannah!

Gives Brooke the evil eye.

Brooke: That should teach YOU.

Savannah: My fur!

Angelina: Your SKIN!

Reena: Your uuuuuuugly.

Len snickers.

Anna nudges him.

Anna: This is so grotesque! Like, ewww! She looks like a wi- WITCH! OMD! FREAKING OUT!

Amy: Your lucky that didn't touch your fur.

Anna spills her milk.

Len: You're over reacting.

Jack: Anna, just calm down.

Alicia: OMD like, look at her head!

Shawty: Eww! It looks like someone pooped on her head!

Purdy: Like, yeah!

Lizia: Hmm...that gives me an idea...

Purdy: Are you going to do that again?

Lizia: No...I'm going to dump green permanent fur dye on her!

Shawty: That's like, so dumb.

Purdy: Like, yah. She doesn't even have fur!

Lizia: Oh, she'll get extensions, for sure.

Purdy: Haha!

Lizia: Let's get started.

TO BE CONTINUED! (Sorry for not continuing 5....)