Minisode 5
Season Minisode, Episode 5
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Air date  ???
Written by Cuitmelps4
Directed by Cuitmelps4
Featured characters: Unknown
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Minisode 5 is a fanmade LPS: Popular


Savvy and her clique think of a plan to get back at the Barbie Dolls and The Felines.


Savannah: Okay, so first, we're going to get a big bucket of water.

Samantha: And?

Savannah: Then, we'll pour it on them!

Angelina: Well, sure that'll work. But I have something better in mind.

Samantha and Sav: WHAT!?

Angelina: Oh, it's nothing.

Savannah: Don't use it if it'll ruin my plan!

Angelina: Well, that's not FAIR! You always make sure that YOUR plan is chosen! What about mine?!

Savannah: Mine is more important!

Angelina: Is NOT!

Savannah: Angel, Angel!

Angelina: Don't call me that!

Samantha: Um guys?

Savannah: I can do what I want! I'm most popular!

Samantha: Uh...Sav?

Angelina: No! More like most conceited!

Samantha: Um...guys? I'm leaving now...


Samantha: *Exits*


Angelina: Well! 

She exits.

Samantha: Huh?

Angelina: Why that stupid...!

Samantha runs quickly to the bushes.

Angelina: I'll teach her! I'll do my plan on Savannah instead!

Savannah: I'll teach her! I'll do my plan on 'Angel' instead!

Angelina and Savannah: HMPH!

Samantha: *Squeal* I don't know what to do! They are both my friends! Should I tell Savannah that Angelina is planning to prank her or should I not?

Samantha sighs.

She walks home sadly. Suddenly, thin rain begins to fall. 

Samantha: Oh, well. This day can't get any worse.

???: Hey!

Samantha: Huh?

???: You need an umbrella?

Samantha fixes her gaze on the boy.

Samantha: Oh! Yeah, thanks Dustin.

Dustin: No problem. What's up? Why are you out here?

Samantha: Why are you?

Dustin: Um, maybe to see a certain someone...

Samantha: Oh okay. Well my house is over there, see ya.

Dustin: Okay! Bye.


Samantha: Ugh.

She walks to school.

???: Hey Sami!

Samantha: Oh, hey, Lester.

Lester: What's up?

Samantha: Oh, it's nothing, Lester.

Lester: Oh, alright.

Samantha: Hey, you wanna do something after school?

Lester: Oh! Uh, sure!

Samantha: Great!


Samantha: Where is he?

Lester: Sorry, sorry! I had to do something.

Samantha: Oh, it's okay.

Lester: I actually have to go home now...

Samantha: Oh...'s okay.

Lester: I really wanted to go but I have to do something important.

Samantha: Well, it's gonna rain soon.

Lester: I'll walk you home.

Samantha: That's sweet, but no thanks.

Lester: You have no umbrella.

Samantha: I know, but it's alright. My fur is thicker now.

Lester: Uh, alright.


Mom: Have a great day?

Samantha: It was alright.

Angelina: Samantha! You will not BELIEVE Savannah!

Samantha: Uh, I have to go... I just stopped to eat.

Angelina: But it's RAINING!

Samantha: So what?

Angelina: Hmph!

Samantha eats a fish and runs out.

Samantha: I wonder what Lester is doing now.

???: Hey!

Samantha: Lester?! I thought you were doing something important!

Lester: Oh I finished.

Samantha: Why are you out here?!

Lester: To see a certain someone...

Samantha: Who?!

Lester: Um...What goes around comes around?

(He chuckled.)

Samantha: Whatever. I just forgot that I have to go to the library.

Lester: Oh, alright.


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