Minisode 6
Season Minisode, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date  ???
Written by Cuitmelps4
Directed by Cuitmelps4
Featured characters: Unknown
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Minisode 6 is a fanmade episode of LPS: Popular.


Lester gets a little too close to Samantha which Samantha's boyfriend doesn't really like...!


Samantha: B...B....B....B!

Samantha reaches out for a brown book.

Samantha: Perfect! 

She sits down on a chair and starts to read.

???: Hey Sam!

Samantha: James?!

Librarians: SHHHH!

James: You know that Lester kid?

Samantha: Yeah....

James: I don't like the way he looks at you.

Samantha: We're not dating.

James: I know but...

Lester: Hey!

James: Oh, uh...Hey dude! I uh...GOTTA GO!

(James rushes off.)

Lester: Ohhhh-kay?

Samantha: Hey Lester, what are you doing here?


Librarians: SHHHHH!!!!

Samantha: What!?

Lester: I saw him making out with Chilly and-

Samantha: Y-your lying!

(She rushes off.)

Lester: Wait! 

(They both meet at the entrance to the library.)

Lester: I'm doing this so you won't get a broken heart!

(Samantha refuses to talk to him.)

Lester: Sami....I-I...

Samantha shoves her paw onto his mouth.

Samantha: Shut it, Lester.

Lester: Samantha! Mmf! *He pushes her paw away* I-I...*sigh* I'm not doing this because I....have a crush on you.

(Lester blushes.)

Samantha: Y-you do...? Well so- Wait! This is all just a dumb stupid trick!

Lester: No, it's NOT! I can show you!

Samantha: Good. Now show me!

(They both walk near the alley.)

Lester whispers: Right there!

They both lean over the brick wall.

James: Chilly, here is a special gift for you.

Chilly: What?

James: It's this.

He hands her over a silver bracelet.


She bounces up and down, uncontrollably.

They both see the moonrising.

Lester: Full moon.

James: Wanna have a midnight kiss?

Chilly: Yes!

They both slowly lean in and kiss.

Samantha: No!

She starts crying softly.

Lester puts her arm around her. 

Lester: Lets go to my place.


Lester: Are you okay?

(Samantha sighs and sniffs.)

Samantha: Y-yes...

They both go upstairs.

Samantha: I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry I yelled at you, I'm sorry I thought you were a liar, I'm sorry I turned you down, I'm sor-

(Lester suddenly kisses her.)

Samantha looks shocked but returns it. 

Samantha: This...This is wrong. I'm still with James....But...I

Lester: Oh...I uh....Okay then.

(He sighs.)

Samantha: But I still like you better.

(She manages a weak smile.)