Mr. Pond
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Mr. Pond is the wife of Mrs.Pond and the father of Len Pond. His first name is Ted.


Mr.Pond is a toffee brown retriever with blue eyes just like Len.


Mr.Pond is a great father to young kids but can be a pain to a teen. He isn't the greatest husband since he needs to travel a lot. He is MIA and has been MIA since December 2011. He is most likely dead. Len doesn't want his father to die.



He is very kind to her. They love eachother and Mr.Pond misses her dearly.

Len PondEdit

They don't get along well but they used to. This changed when he started working with the Army when Len was only 3.


Nephew. He knows his nephew very well, even more than he knows Len. The last time he saw Aidan was in 2009. The last time he saw Len was in 2006.


"Oh, hey son! I bought you your very own rock!" Ted to Len.

"Well, look on the bright side. I think the sun is that way." Ted joking with Amy.

"Just *shoves Anna into water* relax." Ted to Anna at the beach.

"Oh my dog?! Like, are you CRAZY?!"