Daniel Augustine is a bad character in LPS: Popular. He is currently 43 years old, and is a mean father who is also a teacher.


Mr. Augustine is a brown spaniel with brown freckles and a white muzzle, he has a brown back with the chest, and white legs. His eyes are dark green.


Mr. Augustine is controlling, and makes sure everyone gets chores, and loves to ground and hit his daughters. Outside of home and in school, he is calm and mature, making sure everyone gets along. He is often hypocritical, though.



Mrs. Augustine - Mr. Augustine loves his wife, and actually does stuff for her! He will take care of her no matter what, although he hates her lectures.

Hillary Augustine - Mr. Augustine makes Hillary do the laundry, and also makes Hillary drive him and Mrs. Augustine to work. Hillary doesn't mind, however, as she thinks her chores aren't that time-consuming.

Naomi Augustine - Mr. Augustine makes Naomi do the work Sarah doesn't do, but occasionally lets Naomi work on robots with him. They have a sort of love/hate relationship.

Sarah Augustine - Mr. Augustine treats Sarah the worst out of his three daughters. He makes her do dinner, do chose Mrs. Augustine told him to do, and grounds Sarah for the stupidest of reasons, such as for eating some cheese.


  • Mr. Augustine claims he is preparing his daughters, and loves them. His daughters think otherwise (except Hillary).
  • Most of his students like him, but he usually gives rude comments on bad test scores. So some students don't like him for this.


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