Mr. Docheerty
Mr Docheerty
General Information
Full Name Mr. Brian Docheerty
Nickname(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Age Adult (30-60)
Relationship Status Divorced
Occupation Teacher
Family Tulip Docheerty (Daughter)
Hazel Docheerty (Daughter)
Chrissy Docheerty (Daughter)
Molly Docheerty (Daughter)
Friends Unknown
Enemies N/A
Romances Ms. Docheerty (Ex-Wife)
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
Are you going to leave! Just like mum did!
Tulip to Mr. Docheerty

Mr. Docheerty is the father of Tulip. His full name is Brian Docheerty.


Mr Docheerty is a white horse with a brown muzzel and ears. He has chocolate brown hoofs and green eyes.


Mr. Docheery is kind. He loves his daughter so much.


Tulip DocheertyEdit

Tulip and Mr Docheerty are dad and daughter. They love eachother very much.


Brian is unsure about ChiChi. He thinks he is mysterious.

Molly DocheertyEdit

Brian is close with his daughter. He loves her to peices.

Hazel DocheertyEdit

Hazel and Brian are very close. They are daughter and father. ===

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