Mrs. Augustine is a benefactor in LPS: Popular. She is currently 39 years old, and is the mayor of the city in Orange County.


Mrs. Augustine is a blond shorthaired cat with blue eyes. She has orangish-brown tail, legs, and part by eyes and nose. She also has a splash-like pink mark on one of the ears and on the eyebrow of an eye.


Mrs. Augustine is a loving person, to her kids that is. She does things for her kids when Mr. Augustine is around. She thinks she is the kindest person ever, and loves to give lectures to people about being nice. People dislike her a bit for that, but she is respected.



Mr. Augustine - Mrs. Augustine loves her husband, but hates how he is not nice to the kids. Around every day or so she gives him a lecture about being nice to the kids.

Hillary Augustine - Mrs. Augustine mostly does stuff for Hillary, and drives her places when Mr. Augustine isn't there.

Naomi Augustine - Mrs. Augustine occasionally brings Naomi (on days off school) to the town hall, to show her what she does. She is mostly kind to Naomi, and usually buys her clothes often.

Sarah Augustine - Sarah is another victim of Mrs. Augustine's lectures. Sarah will occasionally do things that Mrs. Augustine does not like, and will give her a lecture. Mrs. Augustine also occasionally helps Sarah with homework.


  • Her lectures usually consist of the person getting the lecture sitting down, and Crystal telling them what they have done, and tell them how to be nice. According to Sarah, it isn't a "pleasant" experience.

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