Charlene Bailey
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General Information
Full Name Charlene Bailey
Nickname(s) Charlie
Gender Female
Age 30
Relationship Status Married
Occupation Drama Teacher
Family Mr. Bailey, Madison Bailey, Ciara Bailey
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Romances Mr. Bailey
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
Mrs. Bailey is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


She's a beige cocker spaniel with some chocolate parts and brown-hazel eyes.


She's the drama teacher at OCD. She wants everything to be perfect and she also teaches her daughters Maddie and Ciara in home. She's a good caring mother at home and a nice and perfect teacher at school. She gives classes to Ciara in Thursdays and to Maddie in Fridays.


Mr. BaileyEdit

Charlie and John love each other.

Ciara BaileyEdit

Ciara is Charlie's older daughter and she loves her.

Madison BaileyEdit

Maddie is Charlie's younger daughter and she's very special to her.


She's nice to them and she's never cruel.


"Ok class, are you ready"

"Of course you're the prettiest girls around"

"Hi sweetie"

"Hey love"

"Yeah, of course"

"Excellent, great job"