"All right class, take out your sci-fi books!"

Ms. Bulliet
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Ms Bulliet is a teacher at OCD. She is 43 years old.


Ms. Bulliet is a giraffe with orange-ish skin and white markings on her head and body. She has pink ears and one pink hoof. She has green eyes and white tuffs of hair on her head.


Ms. Bulliet is a emotional teacher. She talks slowly and bubbles up time after time. 

'Good or 'Bad'Edit

She is a neautral teacher. She doesn't help with the drama. She may be too 'cool' for that. But she does see Brooke unconsious on the floor. 


Season twoEdit

Ep 23.

After Savannah Reed and Brooke Hayes fight. Lying unconsious is Brooke. Ms. Bulliet walks over and gasps. "Savannah Reed!" She calls. "What happened!!!"

"I..I..I..Ms. Bulliet. I swear. I didn't do anything!"

"We have to call an ambulance" She is never seen after that.

Ep 24.

In episode Twenty four she is seen teaching a class. Alicia walks by the classdoor and peeks in. Seeing her talking.  

Season threeEdit

In the pilot epsidoe of season three. Ms. Bulliet teaches Savannah Reed's first class of the day. Along with members of The Felines