Mylah is a beige/cream chihuahua with blue eyes. She also has brown chest fur, fur tuft on her head, tail, and a bit of brown fur in her ears.


She is a gothic, emo tomboy who thinks that love is gross, but she's secretly in love with Kyle Levi but he's with Seri.



Mrs. Prost - Mrs. Prost is her divorced mother who isn't the nicest but Mylah doesn't really care. Since she's usually in the mall wearing dark shades, so nobody knows that Mylah is with her mom.

London Walker - She hates her girly girl attitude.

Paris Walker - She does't really care for her but she thinks she's cute.

Fanon CharactersEdit

Erin Petosky - Best friends, they are both goth and hate the pretty paws.

Kyle Levi - She has a crush on him but he doesn't know this yet.


"Oh, um, hey Kyle."


"Just shut up."

"Stop being such a baby and go swimming."

"But MOM! We can't let these freaks into my room! They are GIRLY GIRLS!"