Season 1

Purry is a brown persian cat with green eyes. She has a pinkish cream muzzle alog with the chest fur, head fur, tip of tail, and front paws, she has a pink nose and pink inside the ears.

Season 2

In season 2 Purry returns with a new look. She is now a grey & black persian with greener eyes and lighter paws.

'Good' Or 'Bad'

Purry is 'Unknown" in the LPS: Popular world. She does like Brooke more then Savvy though.


Purry is shy, but is nice to her friends and family. It gets on her nerves when people make fun of her for being a fat cat, but she tries to ignore it.

She loves to go on the computer, and usually stays on there for a while.


Say Her Name


Sophia DeMoln

Naomi Colene Augustine

Perry and Naomi are Best friends.

Len Pond

She has a crush on him. He just thinks she is being silly so doesn't think anything of it, but in the third season, they went to prom together and she kissed him.

Kat Meyers

Kat and Perry are best friends.


"You still think i'm fat?"

"I didn't mean it like that..."

- Perry and Len Pond in Perry and Kat


  • Purry's theme song is "Fire" by Gavin DeGraw