Let's shine
— Raquelle
Raquelle Hastings
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General Information
Full Name Raquelle Hastings
Nickname(s) Raq
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Family Autumn Hastings
Friends Autumn Hastings

Naomi Augustine

Enemies Autumn Hastings (A Bit)
Romances N/A
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A

Raquelle Hastings is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


Raquelle is a shining, pink-cat with blue eyes and blonde fur, and pink ears.

Good or BadEdit

At difference from Autumn, Raquelle is considered good in the LPS: Popular world.


She's very nice and sometimes hates Autumn when she does bad things but she always says to her "shut up" and she always tries to make that Autumn's plans fail. She's also nice to Shimmer her BFFE.


Season 2Edit

The New Chic In Town


Savannah ReedEdit

Raq and Savvy get along too well.

Shimmer FountaineEdit

Raq and Shi are BFFE. They met each other since kindergarden.

Autumn HastingsEdit

Raq and Au are cousins but they sometimes fight because she cares about Cecy.

Tracy RangeEdit

Tracy is her cousin's BFFE but they get along very well.

Brooklyn HayesEdit

Raq and Brooke fight about which blonde cat is the prettiest.

Drake McFarmEdit

Drake and Raq are friends and she always recommends Drake to be boyfriend of Cecy instead of Autumn.


"Autumn, you're such a freak, what the heck's wrong with you"

"Drake, Autumn is hiding something"

"Hi Naomi" ;)

"Hey Tracy, how are you" :)

"Naomi, be careful!!!" :o

"Shut up your little mouth Brooke"