Reena Lions
General Information
Full Name Reena Lions
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Student
Family N/A
Friends Brooklyn Hayes
Rachel Rivera
Alicia Hamilton
Tom Dawson
Naomi Augustine
Lilly Hayes
Tigar Stripes
Sassy Jones
Enemies Savannah Reed
Angelina Davis
Genevieve Ryan
Samantha Davis
Romances Tigar Stripes(Boyfriend)
Series Information
Good or Bad Bad
First Appearance The Claws Come Out
Last Appearance N/A

Reena Lions is a character I designed for LPS Popular. 


Reena is a persian cat (#609) with purple eyes and grey fur. She has pink ears and paws along with some silverish colour on her tail and paws.

'Good' Or 'Bad'

Reena is considered 'Bad' In the LPS Popular world. Being apart of The Barbie Dolls.


Reena is a fiesty Persian cat. Top grades at OCD. She soon becomes good friends with Brooke Hayes, Alicia Hamilton and Rachel Rivera. Her voice is soft. She seems kind and sweet. But she is nasty. She is the one who was writing the notes on Savannah's locker. 


Season 2

Reena appears in episode 23. She is alongside Brooke. She hisses at Savannah. Followed by "I hope you liked your notes I left you!" She laughs. Turnign away to her boyfriend "Watch your back!" 

As she walks off she giggles with her boyfriend. 

She is next seen at Lunch. She is not like Brooke. She eats like a pig. That makes Brooke disgusted causing her to shout "Stop eating like a bloody pig!"


Brooklyn Hayes 

Reena and Brooke are on the same track. It seems they have clicked and now Reena is part of her gang. 

Rachel Rivera

They have not been seen communicating much. But they are probably good friends

Alicia Hamilton

Alicia and Reena are really good friends. Reena thinks Alicia is Halarious so sticks around her.

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~ Designed by Pawsome Perry