This is an article about Ruby, a character made by ChillyCookie5.
Pet Information
Name N/A
Owner Amy
Age N/A
Gender Female
First Apperance N/A
Last Apperance N/A

Ruby is a nice pink cricket that is half butterfly.


Her mother was a butterfly and her father was a cricket. She often gets teased when she meets other crickets but Stuffy was the first not to tease her.

Quotes (Translated)Edit

"Go ahead and laugh." Ruby tells Stuffy when he realizes that she has wings.

"I'm not that pretty." Ruby blushes when Stuffy says she's pretty.

"Well, let's see you with trash dumped on you!" Ruby to Stuffy when he teases her about the trash on her head.

"Hello, Puffffffffffffffffffffffffff-y." Ruby to Puffy when she meets her.

"Well at least I can fly higher than a mountain!" Ruby to other crickets when they tease her.

"I am so not into him." Ruby protests when Amy says that Stuffy and her would make a good couple.