Mendi, we gotta think of something, fast!
— Samantha Davis, The Lost Member

Samantha Davis is a malefactor in LPS: Popular. She is currently 16 years old, and is a trickster who is a master of making plans and doing them.


Samantha is a orange cat with green eyes. She has light pastel yellow ears, stomach, tip of tail, and stripes on her back. Her nose and inside of ears are pink.


Samantha is manipulative, and also a tiny bit dumb. She can be oblivious, and can't understand most jokes. But she is good at making plans and putting them into action. She is a trickster along with Mendi Larque, and will run her enemies social lives if she has the chance. She is still nice, but only to her friends. She can also be a potty-mouth.



Angelina Davis - They are sisters, and treat eachother nicely. Samantha wouldn't DARE to play a mean prank on her sister, as she likes her sister, and Angelina is smart enough to avoid them.

Canon Characters

Savannah Reed - Samantha is in Savannah's clique, so she is friends with her.

Genevieve Ryan - Samantha likes Genevieve, but little does Genny know, that Samantha had thrown a mixture of substances on her.

Fandom Characters

Mendi Larque - Samantha and Mendi are best friends and often play tricks on people they don't like. They are both good at makings plans and putting them into action, so they hang out a lot and sometimes sabotage their enemies.

James Codney - Samantha hates James because he cheated on her with another girl. James thinks Samantha should get over it, which hasn't happened yet.


  • The nickname "Samoo" is actually a nickname one of Kitty Watermelon's friends calls her real-life friend Samantha.

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