Hi Naomi! Do you want some cheese?
— Sarah to Naomi, Love Notes


Sarah is a orange cat with dark orange paws and two dark orange stripes halfway, and on the tip of her tail, as well as a dark orange chest that goes down to her stomach. She has a light orange flower-like spot on her right eye, and a light orange left ear. Her nose and the inside of her ears are pink, and her eyes are a green color, that has a bit of blue in it.


Sarah is playful and a humorist. Because of her 'funny' personality, she doesn't pay attention in class much.



Jane Smimm

Naomi Colene Augustine

Naomi and Sarah are sisters, but Naomi doesn't like her annoying tricks.

Hillary Augustine

Hillary is Sarah's older sister.

Ames Smith

Ames and Sarah are freshmans, they are both best friends.

Brooklyn Hayes

Brooke adores Sarah and thinks shes so adorable, and Sarah always likes it.


"Hi Naomi! Do you want some cheese?"

"Ames, can you help me with a test?"


  • Sarah looks exactly like Kat Meyers.
  • Sarah's middle name is Sharp, because of her super sharp teeth and claws.

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