Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.
— Serafina to Rachel
Serafina Claws
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General Information
Full Name Serafina Jeanette Claws
Nickname(s) Seri, Jean
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status Couple
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Claws
Mrs. Claws
Friends Brigitte LeBlanc
Peyton DeMyer
Enemies N/A
Romances Kyle Levi
Series Information
Good or Bad Good
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A

Serafina Jeanette Claws is a character in LPS: Popular.


Serafina is a blonde-golden flawless cat with beautiful shiny green eyes. Inside the ears is pink.


She's very nice and kind to Brigitte, Peyton, Sage and Savvy. Her dream is to be a model and being in magazines. She also wants to be popular but in a nice way. She is the prom queen of the year 2013.

"Good or Bad"Edit

Serafina is considered 'Good' by her friends.


Savannah ReedEdit

Seri is nice and kind to Savvy, but Savvy doesn't feel the same way.

Brooklyn HayesEdit

Seri and Brooke don't get along to well, they hate each other especially when Seri won Prom Queen. When Savvy and Brooke became friends, she no longer hated her.

Angelina DavisEdit

Seri and Lina were BFFE since they were babies back in Sacramento.

Genevieve RyanEdit

Seri and Genny don't talk to each other a lot but they are friends.

Rachel RiveraEdit

Rachel is Seri's archienemy they hate each other since 7th grade.

Alicia HamiltonEdit

Seri and Alicia don't like to be together but they don't fight.

Sage and TomEdit

They hang out sometimes and they're good friends.

Brigitte and PeytonEdit

The three of them are BFF and they are always together.