HELLO! I'm SOLEIL! It means sun in FRENCH!
— Soleil Marivosa, Love Notes

Soleil Marivosa is a neutral character in LPS: Popular. She is currently 16 years old, and is a ignored member of the Fashion 5.


Soleil is usually quiet, but once you get to know her, she is pretty weird. She is obsessed with learning French, and often spurts out French words. She loves fashion, so she takes part in everything fashion-related.

She is seen as "just another member" of the Fashion 6, and doesn't really get noticed a lot, and doesn't get her ideas heard. She is left out most of the time. Soleil basically begs for attention every day, as her brother/guardian are not home most of the time.


Fanon Characters

Addie Tucker - Soleil looks up to Addie, but usually doesn't get noticed by her. Soleil basically begs for Addie's attention every day, but she usually gets swept under the rug.

Cecilia Ramirez - Another person Soleil looks up too. Unlike others, Cecilia also looks up to her, and because she knows she's shy, she tries to integrate her to the group.

Purry Sunray - Purry doesn't notice Soleil that much either, but Soleil doesn't care that much because Purry is also kind of "another member".

Kat Meyers - Soleil feels that Kat is the only one who pays attention to her. Soleil likes to talk about her problems to Kat, because Kat is generally understanding of other people's problems.

Naomi Augustine - Soleil doesn't care that Naomi left the group, and sometimes talks about French and the words. Soleil doesn't know that Naomi finds it annoying.



"Does this green skirt and purple dress shirt look good on me?"


  • Soleil's favourite colour is green.
  • Soleil has a unknown part-time job.
  • Soleil is sort of based off the user Soleil et Lune, but her personality is far different than the actual user.

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