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Sophia DeMoln is a character in LPS: Popular. Sophia is known to be very loud among her class. She doesn't care alot about what people think of her but gets very irritated about people who talk behind her back and usually confronts them herself, getting into many fights during her High School life. Luckily, she has her good friend, Purry, to keep her in check.


Sophia is a brunette Collie with one blue eyes and one yellow eye and chocolate brown ears. She has a white body and muzzle and the tip of her tail is brown with a gradient of red.


A kind, respectful Collie. Sophia only wants the best for herself and the people she cares about. Coming from a large family of eight, she has learnt to stick up for herself and serve punishment and rewards when they are suited. She can read people very easily and knows when there's trouble starting, which she usually gets out of if it doesn't involve her. She is a loud dog, which irritates a small amount of her classmates and can result in her hearing them talking about her behind her back. She enjoys confronting people, being tall, respectful and assertive comes to her advantage as she rightly tells them where they stand. She gets along very well with others if they're willing to become friends with her and listens to her friends problems and worries, despite not being very good at giving advice, she works out problems the best she can and overcomes them with her friends together.
Sophia knows that it's right to express yourself, she is openly bisexual and proudly announces it whenever she can, Despite what her classmates think.


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  • Sophia is the third oldest child in the DeMoln family.
  • Sophie's theme song is Coxcomb Red by Songs: Ohia