Tears of a Dachshund.
Season 2, Episode 7
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Air date  ??
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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Cocker Spaniels, why them! So Clawtastic!

Tears of a Dachshund is the 25th episode of LPS Popular(only fan made).


Savvy is hurt..emotionally AND phisically. After Naomi slams her into the lockers, she gets mad. REAL mad. But then an unknown girl tries to hurt both her and'  Naomi, and there will be some tears of a dachshund..


  • Black screen with screams

Savvy: Ow..o..ow......

  • Savvy faints from pain

Naomi: Now thats payback.

  • Naomi walks up to Genny, and Lina.

Naomi: Do you notice who Savvy is? Do you?

Lina: Um, our friend..

Naomi: Well.. I don't think so.

Lina: Huh?

Genny: She is a nice person and you know it!

Naomi: Your lying, aren't you.

Lina: She is a nice, and smart Dachshund to us Thanks!

Naomi: Well aren't you so rude.

Savvy: *Wakes up* Wha-

Naomi: AND YOU!

Savvy: Huh?


Savvy: Don't fight me again, my boyfriend can help..

  • Sage Walks in

Sage: And that is a yes.

Naomi: Oh, you are so dead.

James: Uh, girls stop this nonsense

Savvy: Well, another boy.

Sage: Hi James!

Naomi: This isn't time for that.

Savvy: Huh?

Naomi: It's time for fights.

Lina: Uh, Im gonna go now.

  • Lina runs away

Naomi: So Savvy, do you wan't to know whats gonna happen?

Savvy: Uh, *Scared*

Naomi: Well you are gonna see it.

  • Naomi picks up Savvy


Naomi: Wait, who's that?

Savvy: Huh?

  • A Chihuahua come in

Unknown Girl: Huh? Oh Im gonna show them whats fights really are!

Unknown Girl: Ill show you what real fights are!!!!!

  • Savvy gets thrown to the floor, and Naomi gets thrown to the lockers

Savvy: Whew i'm still alive..

  • Naomi doesn't wake up

Brooke: N..naomi?

Unknown Girl: Oops........


Unknown Girl: Darn! I really don't want to get in trouble.

Brooke: Sheesh.

Savvy: Wow I don't really care....

Sage: Yep, I dont really either.

Principal: Woah, what has happened in here?

Savvy: Oh um, That Chihuahua threw me and Naomi and she threw Naomi into the lockers.....

Principal: Alyssa! My office now!

Alyssa: Oh, but it was a accident!

Brook: Who cares about that!

Lina: Now I actually feel bad for Naomi!

Rachel: Oh my dog! I hate that Alyssa!

  • Brooke tries to wake Naomi up but Naomi falls to the ground

Brooke: *Sniff* I only knew her for about 1 day...

Savvy: Who cares.

  • Savvy walks away

Sage: Sav, wait for me!

  • Sage follows Savannah
  • Everyone walks away

Brooke: *Sniff* Naomi, if your dead, I will always *sniff* remember you.

  • Brooke cries
  • Screen fades to black


Mrs: Minci: You got suspended from school on your first day.

Twilight Minci: What the tail did you do that for!

Alyssa: How long did I get suspended?!

Mrs. Minci: For a week, your grounded for a week.

Alyssa: What!

Twilight: I am very disappointed in my own little sister!

Alyssa: *Sniff* I'm..i'm sorry....

Twilight: You should of be saying sorry to the Cocker Spaniel and the Dachshund.

Alyssa: Oh....


Savvy: Im tiered of all these fights in school.

  • Savvy begins to cry

Sage: Its okay babe, it's Brooke's fault that this happened.

Savvy: I know.

  • Someone accidentally knocks over Savvy

Sage: Are you two okay?

Savvy: No, i'm not.

  • Screen turns black*
  • Boom

Sage: Are you two okay?

Savvy: No, i'm not.

Someone who accidentally knocked over Savvy: Oh, i'm so sorry.