Littlest Pet Shop -2255

Your worst nightmare has just begun. Iin walk three slender cats. AKA. The Felines. Here to ruin your day and take over OCD.



Littlest Pet Shop -891

(Top to bottem in pictures) Lizia, Purdy, Shawty


They come to OCD for one reason only. To take it over. Yup. These cats are even more fiesty than the barbie dolls.

Littlest Pet Shop -886

Good Or Bad?

All Bad. 


Season Three

They are first seen in the first episode of Season three. When Brooke leaves OCD Rachel and Alicia split up. But there is a new group in town, The felines.

They are first seen walking down the hallway (Kind of like Brooke in the first ep) They are given stares and are chatted about while walking down. Savvy turns to Lina and Jenny and whispers"Who are they?" 


  • Purdy beilves under her fur she is the slimmest cat in OCD
  • Lizia is the leader
    • Shawty tries to be the leader, But always fails


"Ok girls, Here we go" - Lizia when they first walk in

"You're cute, you should come to my house sometime" - Shawty to Bryan Smith

"Stay away from me, Look at you, You are pathetic" - Lizia to a Unnamed student

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