The New Chic In Town
Season 3, Episode 2
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Air date  ???
Written by User:PetLoverGirl
Directed by User:PetLoverGirl
Featured characters: Unknown
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Savvy's Cousin Real Me
The New Chic In Town is an episode of LPS: Popular.


Autumn is happy to see her cousin, Raquelle, but Raquelle is not the same as Autumn is so she helps Naomi to move away from Autumn because she hates her.


(A cat is walking by the hallway)

Autumn: Oh, My, God, RAQUELLE!

Raquelle: Hi Autumn

Autumn: Hi Raquelle

Raquelle: So what are we going to do meanwhile classes starts?

Autumn: I know...

(Autumn whispers to Raquelle)

Raquelle: What!, We are not going to do that!

Autumn: Yes we are

Raquelle: Well, first, who's Naomi? and second, why do you hate her so much?

Autumn: Naomi is that brown cocker spaniel and I hate her because she's stealing Parker but there's also another boy named James that also likes her.

(Naomi approaches)

Naomi: Hi, you must be the new girl?

Raquelle: Yeah

(Autumn moves away)

Raquelle: Look, it's a warning, my cousin, Autumn, is trying to prank you in front of the whole class but I didn't accept and she thinks you're stealing Drake.

Naomi: Oh gosh, please help me!

Raquelle: Don't worry, you can count on me

Naomi: Thanks