The Return Of The 1 Augustine
Season 2, Episode 13
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Air date  ??
Written by ChillyCookie5
Directed by ChillyCookie5
Featured characters: Unknown
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 The Return Of The 1 Augustine is the 31st episode of LPS Popular(only fan made).


  • Naomi is seen lying at the lockers
  • Brooke & Savvy walk up to Noami

Brooke: Is she alive?

Savvy: I don't know.

  • Brooke pokes Naomi

Unknown Cat: Whats Going on?

Savvy: Who are you?

Unknown Cat: I am Naomi, Naomi Colene Augustine.

Brooke: W..what!

  • Boom

Brooke: W..what!

Naomi(2): I am Naomi's other self, as you can see I am just like the Cocker Spaniel version.

Savvy: How is that possible?

Noami(2): Oh, the Naomi that came here first is accually a real nerd, she created a clone of herself but we are the same person, we just look different.

Brooke: Wowee.

Savvy: But...Is the other Naomi dead?

Naomi(2): No, if i'm alive she's alive.

Brooke: You really freaked me out their.

Naomi(2): It's quite alright.

  • Naomi Wakes up

Naomi: Woah, what happened..CLONNE?!?!

Naomi(2): Finnaly you woke up me.

Savvy: This is awkward....

Brooke: Agreed.