Tigar Stripes
General Information
Full Name Tigar Stripes
Nickname(s) Tiggy (by Reena Lions)
Gender Male
Age 17
Relationship Status N/A
Occupation Student
Family N/A
Friends Reena Lions
Enemies N/A
Romances Reena Lions(Girlfriend)
Series Information
Good or Bad Unknown
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A
Tigar Stripes is a fandom character in LPS: Popular.


He's a blonde cat with green eyes and orange stripes.


He's a nice cat but he doesn't know that Reena is mean. He helpes many other boys and girls that need it but this makes Reena jealous, more with helping the girls.

Good or BadEdit

He is Unknown in LPS: Popular, not knowing that Reena is mean.


Reena LionsEdit

He loves Reena but he doesn't know that Reena is a mean bully.